We are friends, kan?

Salam. Apa khabar semua? Harapannya khabar baik lah semua.

Siapa suka bila some guy or girl adds you on a social network and end up teasing you around and hates you? Takde sapa suka kan? For sure lah.

So that's why some people are particular abut whom they approve or befriend with kat any social network. Kita mungkin boleh jadi kawan dekat luar. Kita kenal, kita bergurau. Tapi belum tentu in the cyberworld, kau akan di approve oleh beliau.

Sebab apa? Mostly because of who we are. Some people ada two sides of themselves, ada two personalities. Some people tend to be different on the outside, but inside? They are different. How different is he/she? Itu aku taktahu, it is up to themselves lah.

So these kinda people akan tend to be the other side of them when they're on the cyberworld. If he/she's wise enough, they'll be some mysterious guy or anonymous person on the cyberworld. Tapi masalahnya some people tak suka macamtu.

So some akan rasa guilty bila tak berkawan dengan kawan-kawan biasa mereka di cyberworld. Tapi kat cyberworld, they're different. So the kawan-kawan will tease him or to some extent hate him/her just because how he/she are on the cyberworld.

Well honestly, we can't do much, just to accept who or how he/she is. Tapi do know that eventhough kau berkawan dengan someone, doesn't mean kau tahu everything about him. Sebab everyone has a skeleton in their closet. Kan?

So itu je random thought of the day. Takdelah random sangat. Cuma to let people know why some act differently and unexpectedly. Kan? Salam.

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