Super random

Suddenly aku rasa nak update blog, probably it's because I just read Lee's blog and how the page is filled with pictures of foods and foods and girls and yeah.

1. I like oysters, they're like cool gila. I think. I once had to go to a seminar-kinda-thing and the lunch was prepared so it was like a buffet and they served oysters so I was like, "Oh wow, oysters weh, jom ah try!" and my friends was giving the same reaction so we ate them and enjoyed it. Very much.

Probably because it was a free meal and it's a buffet and we can eat all we want and still it is free, so yeah, we enjoyed them.

Until one of my friend mentioned that oysters turn people on and that's why they are served in hotels and they put the oysters on the ice because ice somehow turn people off and that's the reason why they serve oysters on ice not because they want to make sure the oysters maintain their freshness or whatsoever.

You're gonna be surprised how many people bought it -.-

And I  remember that there was this one fountain(?) where they pancut(?) the chocolate liquid(?) and we have to take the marshmallow I think and sadurkan(?) it with the chocolate liquid(?) and then we eat them.

Okay, that sounded not right but if you get what I mean then I don't think it would be a problem lah.

But I really hate the chocolate marshmallow thing. It's just soo girlish(?) I guess.

2. I like seafood. I don't really know why but I just love them. If sea food was cheap, I would rather have them for the rest of my life. I just love them. Well, maybe sebab there are lots of variety of seafood and that's why you can have them for the rest of your life. Because I swear, sampai sekarang pun aku tak rasa lagi semua sea food yang ada. 

But how you can enjoy them when your resdung went like hell after you eat them? Sure, sedap masa makan but you've got to tahan all the runny nose and the hidung tersumbat and stuffs. Seksa weh but still once the seafood dah kat depan surely you just baham them kan. Heh.

And for real, is it sea food or seafood? Because if you noticed I got mixed up between the both of them. Haha. Time cikgu ajar, tidur.

3. Let girls be girls lah kan. Why bother. I like it better when girls are being girls. I'm not trying to reply to Lee's post or what tapi ya lah. I do think sometimes girls are better when they are being themselves. I think lah. Because honestly, I don't know where normal girls stand. The range is soo wide man. You can have this kinda type, then you got that kinda type, then there are that kinda type but not much like this kinda type but sometimes they got the attitude. You know what I mean. Everytime they say they're just like any other normal girls but how can you know it?

Girls are complicated. SUPER complicated. And they say guys are complicated. -.- You've never seen them gossiping. Damn, scary gila aku cakap kau. They started it with A and might end up at Z. Repeatedly -.-

But still, girls are cute being themselves. That's all that I can say. But seriously and honestly, I don't know where is the normal range of a girl. You don't know. And I betcha WE WILL NEVER KNOW. It's like they're always evolving into something new. Something hybrid. Everyday you got a new one. Wow. Effing scary huh?

4. I think this is super random. I mean the post. I think it's just like that. So I'm gonna end this. Bai.

p/s : oh yarh, and Aika told me that the chocolate liquid marshmallow thingy is called chocolate fondue. LOL

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  1. the chocolate marshmallow fountain liquid thingy is called chocolate fondue -_-

  2. Oh! HAHAHAHA I dodnt know that. Malas. THANKS! :D

  3. but i like that chocolate fountain thingyy. hahahaha! maybe bcoz i'm a girl. -_-

    but kindda cool random post you got here.

  4. cely : HAHA aku macam tak suka sebab sweet sgt kot. Macam ngeri la pulak kan?

    chocolate and marshmallow ewwww. HAHAHA

  5. HAHAHHAA. but i like strawberry and chocolate more. :p


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