And so lots of things did I miss out since I deactivated my Facebook. Especially things concerning my friends. If it continues, I might end up being a stranger bila jumpa korang balik.

But now I get the feeling orang dulu-dulu macamana, you met them and you talked for hours tracking back what both of you left out and missed out.

Surprisingly, baru sebulan lebih je kan. It's not like a year already. But what's more surprising is that it's like lots of things happened in this one month of time. And honestly, I'm actually going for the whole year. That's what I had in mind. I might reactivate it but it's still on very strong cause.

It's funny how a social network can be really helpful yet so addictive. We might just reconsider accusing people of being addicted to Facebook and change the word to addicted to your friends..

..and meeting new people. Tee hee.

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I know some of you got no blogger account, but at least jangan lah guna nama Anonymous, susah aku nak refer nanti. Think of a name okay? Thanks! :D