Emily Browning

She turned down a request to audition the role of Bella Swan in Twilight? Well, aku tak tahu pun. I guess I would have a different opinion if she was playing the role of Bella in Twilight.

I was going to compare both of them based on the random pictures I googled on the internet but decided not to because of strong reasons which I can't mention here publicly.


But seriously, if she's Bella, it would be a whole different story for me. Si ri us.

Okay, apparently I always got random ideas coming after I published a post and I'm afraid that it might bother all of you kalau aku post banyak gila post in one day or maybe an hour? So aku decide to just add few things that I came across and just republish it. Kalau aku rasa itu necessary lah kan.

So, I don't know why but dari dulu lagi, memang aku geram dengan HTC. The design is so slick tapi masalahnya sometimes the design is uber awesome but somehow the specs tak menepati citarasa dan mengecewakan kadang-kadang. Pretty disappointing kata omputeh.

But nevertheless, melihatkan Windows Phone Mobile 7 punya OS yang baru buat aku rasa macam nak cuba guna pulak. Kalau dapat offer macam kena buat review or something kan best.

Behold, HTC HD 7! (Okay, agak exaggerated sikit di situ)

So what do you think? It's raddd huh? Hahaha. Sekarang tak well developed lagi the app and all so let it grow, give em some space. Nanti kena purchase lah. Paling koman hadiah untuk awek, boleh join guna sekali. HAHAHAHAHA.

Oke, sangat random.

3 ulasan:

  1. X remaje r gne htc..hehe.htc 2 cm seswai utk org dwse n bkrjye je..huhu.

  2. lol ini bukan soal remaja tak remaja. ini soal stail kak.

    remaja mestilah kena hip dan stail. haha

  3. ceh...x2..x remaje gak..haha..oo.style r nie ek...xpe2..troskan ngan htc anda..stail 2.....hee.. :)


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