Thanks to all :)

It has been a wonderful four weeks here in Malaysia. Terima kasih semua. And minta maaf kepada yang tak sempat nak jumpa. InsyaAllah di masa lain boleh ketemu lagi.

Really gonna miss you guys. Thanks for the ride, thanks for the food, thanks for the duet raya heheh and most of all thanks for everythin and sorry for anythin.

I wish that I had more time with you guys. Seriously, a day with any of you memang tak cukup. And really, it hurts for me to say goodbye to you all, but well, life must go on.

I'll be going my way for another year and you will too. And I hope all is well for us along the way. And may Allah blesses us and guides us to the right path.

Tiga minggu memang tak cukup. Apatah lagi sehari. I wish we had the times when we were together back then. Betul lah apa orang cakap, enjoy the moment when it is still there. Because once it is gone, you'll never know when it will be back again.

I hope this coming year's gonna be an easy one for me. I do wanna go home and meet you guys again. Esp for those yang aku tak sempat jumpa. I'm really sorry, bukan taknak jumpa but it's actually a matter of time and some other things. I still have to prioritize my family in this matter. I really am sorry :((

And for YOU, yes. YOU. Terima kasih awakk :) I wish you a very good luckk in your exams. Semoga berjaya in everything you do and always pray that whatever happens, it is the best for you in every single aspects. Hope I could have more time to spend with you but you do know that when the time comes, we will have all the time that we want for the both of us :) I know you'll probably cry like you did last year. Heh I'll remember those eyes :) and the face always :) and everything we had :)
We argued a lot this time, but I guess it is for our own sake insyaAllah. Pray the best for the both of us :)

Damn, aku rasa nak nanges la pulak. Hoh Tacing pulak daaaah :(

Oke lah, aku dah segan ni. Fes taim buat post cheesy camni, tapi apa salahnya kan? Heh. Sekali setahun :p

Sorry to anyone yang tak dapat souvenir or anything from me. Do pray tahun depan aku boleh balik dengan senang hati dan buat open house supaya korangg semuaaa boleh jumpaaa akuuu. Ceh, poyo ape ni. Hahaha

There's a lot more to say but I guess ia tak terungkap oleh kata-kata, because action speaks louder than words. And if we meet again insyaAllah, I'll show you that action do speak louder :) Rindu korangg already :( All the best for all of you, the exams and everything, in your studies, the future is ahead of us :) Semoga Allah memberkati dan membantu kita di sepanjang perjalanan.

And if anything ever happens to me during this coming one year, Aku nak minta maaf zahir dan batin, dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki, halalkan everything yang korang bagi aku. Hutang tu kira langsai lah ye? Haha Andd andd, mintaa maaf lagii :((

Oke lah, bai. Salam :((( Again, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING AND SORRY FOR ANYTHING :), :(( oke, apahal sedih balik? Haha

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  1. jangan lupa barang aku.

    selamat balik.

  2. all the best,,.. aku dengki jugak..haha

  3. thanks fr belanja too luqman, hope yr both happy alwaaays ;)


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