A woman's heart is truly as deep as the blue ocean.

No person in this world should you treat fairly the most than your own mother
- Christina Johnson
So when I checked on my Facebook just now, one of my friends posted this one link. It is a video. Of a mother. Giving messages. To her son. On Youtube.


Seriously, it is kinda funny and cute and sweeett the way she was doing it. Probably because she really did it straight from the heart. I think she did it in one shot and no script. So there's two possibilities we can conclude from this situation ( I thought of this since there are a few comments which I think have some points to be taken ) :

1. Her son's already gone and she still can't accept the fact so she somehow kinda jadi macam those movies and stuffs and I don't know what to say more.

But how come she knows how to set up a Youtube account -__- ( this is the meanest and cruelestt hsdkfygksjkgsfj comment evar! EVARR EVARRRRR!! )

2. She really misses her son and her son pulak busy studying or what so ever, takde internet acces and the only way she can reach him is by doing these videos and posts them on Youtube so that when her son's free, he can check 'em out and be happy about it.

3. She wants to be a Youtube star !!! Well,apparently she already is. Hahahaha she joined Youtube on 16th June 2010 and already got 224 subscribers. Hebak sungguh mung mok cik :)

Anyways, I really love her. We can never know until what extent a Mother's love could be and if I am to be her son, hehe I would be very proud and won't feel ashamed to admit that "Yes, she is MY MOTHER!" ( with a big smile )

Okay, cakap memanglah lagi senang. Hahaha I bet muhdkhairuddin mesti macam tengah segan segan en en? :p

But seriously, the cam she used looks kinda uhhh, gempak. So if it was me you're asking, I would consider ONLY the second and third possibilities. Lagi pun, bukankah lebih baikk bersangka baik kepada orang lain? :)

So yeah,number two is my choice. :DDDD
Here is the link to her Youtube channel.

Probably The Coolest Mom in The World. Besides mine that is :) ohh okay, and yours. teeheeee :)

p/s : siapa mohd khairuddin ni sumpah aku nak cari,makcik dah promise nak post gambar baby diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa next video kaaaaaaaannn :p

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  1. and she even has her own ads on deviantart, haha :0

  2. femes beliau skang...hee.. :)


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