To Aika and Lee.

1. WTH is ayam penyet?

And is it penyet or penyek?Bcause clearly I pronounce it like, penyekkkkk. Or maybe penye'. But clearly not penyet.HOH.

2. Dear Lee,

It is totally understandable that your brother listens to Jonas Brothers.Maybe because he's into those lovey dovey thingy.So I think you shouldn't be worried.It's normal for a guy to listens to those kinda songs.

Ohh and fyi,I don't listen to them.ANYMORE. Heh.
Ohh and Nsync and Westlife semua tuh,mainly he listens because they have sentimental values in it and the songs is much more pure(?) and noble(?) because they talk about pure love(?) not the kinda love which only mention about each other bodies and I-remember-the-way-you-kiss-me kinda stuffs.

Though sometimes it's too cheesy.Ahaha

Okay, -.-

2 ulasan:

  1. ayam penyet is an indonesian dish. SEDAP GILA WEH BALIK MALAYSIA MESTI MAKAN. and its penyet. not penyek or penye' wtf. the sambal is divine bebeh.

  2. Tak sedap and I hate the name.

    And omg, you're turning into those kind of guys! Dayum!


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