Different perspectives create different opinions

Aku tak macam kau. I'm not like you. People may say bad things about me and you may say worse about me. Say it out loud. Hurt me with your worst words ever. But in the end, His perception and His judgment towards me is the most valuable and eternal.

Things may go wrong, things will do actually. But these things will be the ones that inspire you to do your best and achieve the things you wanted in the first place, or maybe even better.

How you face problems and stuffs really are the most crucial step in determining your own life. Hit it with your best shot though you know it will never hit the target. Because in the end, nothing satisfies you the most than the feeling if the fact that you already did die trying. I'm not asking you to die, just asking you to try until you die :)

Perjalanan kita pasti sukar dan penuh dengan onak duri,tapi jangan lupa kau adalah kau dan aku adalah aku. Dan akhirnya, ia akan tetap berkisar tentang engkau. Jangan lupa diri sebab kita adalah satu, tapi hati hati takut kita menjadi satu kerana perpecahan itu penting, untuk ingatkan yang kita memang hanya sendiri.

Do not be judgmental and yes, please do look form others side of view. Please :)

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  1. Aku setuju dengan tajuk.
    post aku tak baca pun

  2. haha it's okay, it is good enough to have the same opinion here :)


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