It is hard to do so,yep,especially if you think you did nothing wrong,or you don't think it is a big deal and he/she thinks the other waay around.

Life is simply about forgiving others and ourselves - Kate Henderson

 I am a bad friend,seriously. I talk too much that I hurt people's feelings. If I were to be myself,I don't think most can stand my true self. It is just not suitable enough. I knew it, because I've tried it. You can't expect everyone is the same, and sometimes you gotta stop blaming others and tend to seek into yourself.

Probably life is more about looking into ourselves rather than towards others. Why are we being emotional? Why are we taking things that he/she said too seriously? Why are we being so mean to others? Why do we hate him/her? Why am I making things too complicated?

I'm not so good at these things.I admit, I made a lot of hearts hurt, feelings perished and tears dropped. And I 'm not happy about it.And I know, it was mainly because of me. So I tend to back off or stay away from it.

Yeah,you can say that I am not solving anything because I run away from it,not facing it.But hey,I know myself.I don't wanna things to happen again, because I know once I feel like everything's alright and we are happy yada yada,I tend to repeat the same mistakes I did. Because that's ME. And being with you, I really can't be ME.

So enough babbling about craps.Main point is, aku tak suka doh kalau kawan kawan aku gaduh. It doesn't feel right. So dear friends, janganlah gegaduh ye? Things will be awkward if they do, so please please pleaseeeeeeeeee jangan lah gaduhhhhh :((

Having a perfect friend is like having a perfect spouse, except that you don't actually spending your whole life with them - Carl G. Richards

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