Truth hurts but tears of lie are the most cruel result you can get.

I deleted my previous post because it made me look pathetic and kinda uhhhhh, tahapehape (?) macam manja pulak,benda kecik pun nak bising kan?Well,I only wrote it because I thought this blog was about the updates of my life kan?Haish.But never mind,I think there are far more crucial updates that need to be written down here about me.

BTW,Thanks for the group or page made by my friends liking me couldn't become a fan of pages anymore,I really appreciate it :D

Now,I won't tell you much,but I am just gonna say this in a simple word.I was diagnosed with a disease last year,right after my SPM.The doctor said it is not at its critical stage and luckily I was fast enough to consult her about the disease.She said it could be a lot worse if I didn't come to her and tell her about the disease.

I was shocked,but it is not that shocking because I had expected it since I knew something is wrong about myself and my well being.So I came home and kept it a secret to my parents.I didn't want them to know about this.It was too risky to tell them.If I tell them,they would like freaked out and do something which I don't know what but somehow,it just scares me.So I designed a plan.A plan to keep the disease as a secret.So that none will know about it.Well,at least until now.Even my friends doesn't know about this.Even my special girlfriend who is studying Dentistry in USIM doesn't know this.

I kept it so well,and I can't stand looking at the faces of my beloved family,friends anymore.So I decided to go overseas ( Orang kata membawa diri,membawa hati yang lara ? ) I thought I could be like a lonely person here.I thought I wanna be like a nerd or something who doesn't care more about other stuffs rather than studies and himself.But I can't.I was socially active right after the Biro Tatanegara training.It made me happy for a while,all the Inpro and Dinner stuffs.But still,it can't make me forget that I still have this disease.This one thing that separates me between them.I felt like falling into a hole everytime I saw their sweet,happy faces smiling at me.I can't believe I am making them again,my bestfriends,my close buddies.It just hurts me to see them having that happiness while I 'm here battling through my whole life.
Not many people know that I took medications all this while.And that is just one perfect cover to keep this illness of mine as a secret.A big one.

I don't know why,but I don't have the heart to write anymore.I think I'm gonna stop writing about this.That's all,bai bai.

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  1. what? for god sake, is this true?

  2. ini macam cerita drama kt tv..skrg tgh klimaks..woahhhh

  3. ??ntahpepela..
    ??x abes2..

  4. Allahumma
    ajirhu musibatuhu
    wakhlufhu khairamminhu..

    selamat berjuang.

  5. im gonna tell yr parents this instant!

  6. there is something wrong with me but I dont know why.

    Thanks for ur concern btw.
    May Allah blesses us all EnsyaAllah.


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