Being a gentleman,I had to reply to the tag made by Aika.Demmit you.
So here it goes, Ohh,btw,this may be awkward.

I am taller than you.
I wear glasses.
I have uhhhh, fair skin (?)
I am stylish and cool (?)
I am handsome.
I am attractive.
I can melt anyone's heart just by looking at them (?)
I have 6 packs. HAHAGHAGHAGHAGHAGHAHA. No,seriously.
I have a scar on my right arm ( And it is not from BCG ) and another one on my knee.
People say I look arrogant and poyo.

Family/Home Life:
I am the eldest.
I am the coolest.
I am an obedient son.
I am a family guy.
I have a blood relationship with famous people.

Embarrassment ( I never done such things but I 'll try to come out with a few ) :
I sang in public.
I work at Petrosains before so embarrassment is something uhhhh, missing there?
I danced in public.

Probably I did so many things that I don't consider it as an embarrassment but others do?

I have eczema.
I have resdung.
I have skin problems ( my skin is very the fragile tau )
I have a scar because of my skin disease.

I've been to Europe.
I've been to Switzerland.
I've been to Turkey.
I've been to France.
I've been to Syria.
I've been to China.
I've been to Jordan.
I've been to Indonesia.
I've been to Singapore.

I had too many I can't list all of it here. ( How coll is that,huh?Eheh )
I've seen a post mortem.LIVE. ( Sekarang cakap aku cool :d )

Relationships ( Do we have to be honest with this? ):
I had a crush as young as 6 years old.
I had been with 6 girls in one year,but none of them last long.
I had two girls stuck on me at the same time.
I crushed many girls heart.
I left my friends for a girl.
My best friend once took my girl away from me.We didn't talk to each other for three months.
I am lovable (?)
I lied about my feelings just to make others feel great.
I have many girl friends.( Friends that are girls )
I never coupled,it is just like i-like-you-you-like-me kinda thing.
I am currently single.

I am a nice and kind person who don't do such thing.Hell yeah!

I've caused an accident once.
I once steal.
I never caught of my crimes.HAHAHA.
I lied just to make you feel good.It is called sacrifice.
I don't know much about things I did wrong?
I am a great observer.
I am you (?)
I do think I have some kinda female mentality.
I am a sweet talker.

I take drugs when I'm sick.
I don't do alcohol.

I tag anyone who wants to do this.Especially when you don't have much to say.

14 ulasan:

  1. I can melt anyone's heart just by looking at them

    totally overrated.

  2. it's the truth la.if you look at me with your heart.ahahaha

  3. I have a blood relationship with famous people.

    sape org femes sgt 2?

    OMG OMg u mmg girlish ah...

  4. -.-" toooo overated kak one.. haha

  5. little lady : ada lah,ramai je kot.xle btau,nnt kang kecoh masuk paper xnk lah.

    ulya : apa yg overrated?its true what.

    iddy : sila sila.nnt i comment plak.haha

  6. unfortunately tak ade org nak bg testimony that the claim is proven to be true.lol

  7. My best friend once took my girl away from me.We didn't talk to each other for three months.

    siannye.. makan hati, tuh!

  8. dude, i think you misunderstood what you had to do -_-

    you actually have to copy paste the whole thing from my blog and colourize what you have done.

    1.you're a drug addict.
    2.you like singing.
    3.you've been overseas.

    yg 3rd je betul kan? so you kena colourize the third one. bold ke. thats how its supposed to be -_-

  9. 'I had two girls stuck on me at the same time.'

    HAHAHA. Nak gelak boleh? :D
    Oke. Bai

  10. kak one : well,memang lah,they were too shy kot.

    nawal : siapa tak makan hati?waited for that girl for 7 months ok?

    aika : laaa,apsal tak bg instruction.tulaaaaaaa.nvm,u do it all over again.ahahaha

    diha : gelak lah.kau tahu siapa kan?tapi tu bukan yg pertama.ahahahaha keji kan aku?

    cely : eheh ehehehee? XD

  11. aphal kau mau pengsan pengsa weh?ahahhaa


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