Aku tulis benda mengarut tak berfaedah sentiasa.

Secular. Western-minded (?) Narcissism. Greed. Vanity. Annoying. Playful. Ridiculous. Selfish. Self-proclaiming. Disturbing. Crap. Childish. Selfish.

Those are words that best describe me.I admit it.And sometimes I do hesitate about the journey of my life.I mean,I'm a retarded ( maybe? ) kinda person and yet I'm sculpturing myself into someone who's gonna help people and put their lives into my own bare hand.Like, seriously ?

Macam tak logik je.Orang pun sangsi.It is not about how I feel.It is about how others feel.You can't simply go and save someone knowing they do not have ANY trust in you.Well,you can,but that's only in the movies.In reality,it is just not right.Trusts have to be earn.And that means it had to go a really loooooooong waay.People won't trust some random guy whose facebook profile picture dia sangat retard.Profile name pun sangat vain dan ridiculous.I don't even know why people follow this blog.I write craps people don't understand.I don't have some interesting and informative stories to tell.I don't blogwalking like others.I think people just follow me because they think I might get uhhhhh, disappointed if they don't?Sebab mostly people who followed me are my friends.And to those who didn't know me yet,I'm asking you.


Something you hold for too long will eventually gives you negative effects.For example,procrastination.I don't need to explain further.We all had those times.

Maybe all I need is a wife.Or maybe a few.I don't know.I mean,you will live with your wife till the end kan?So maybe the only solution is to have a loving and understanding wife who can bear with me for eternity.And I still haven't found one.Maybe sebab I'm too retarded sampaikan takde orang berminat?Or I am too childish and playful and not serious sampaikan people tak tahu pun whether I am joking or not.

I mean,if I propose her,mesti dia macam, uhhhh uhhhhhhhhh,kau main main ea? -.-"

Dahlah.Aku nak pergi cari calon isteri solehah la macam ni.Nak cari yang kaw kaw punya baik,memahami dan sejati (?) Wallaweh.


p/s : Blog's name.

8 ulasan:

  1. yeah..u ARE retarded..*shessshh* O.o

  2. tbe2 t'pikir..u're using d wrong term laa..u're not retarded..u're even not matured YET! *smbil wat mke x bslh..lalalalala~ O.o

  3. hurm...complicated...

    seems like personality disorder pun ye jugak,.,

    btw,,i wonder why western minded
    comes at da 2nd place...huhu

    western minded(?)


  4. lurvehater : thankyu byk la ye mak cik gedikk.

    azam : a few la bro.baru market.ahaha

    cely : knapa?nk suruh lmbt lmbt ke?ahaha

    little lady : apa yg peliknya?heh -___-

  5. cepat2 la best. bole tgok awl2 kaan.

  6. pandaaaaaaaaaaii pun ?


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